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Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services, Inc.

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It is the mission of Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services to assist and guide every person and community in need of substance abuse disorder services. We will accomplish this mission by developing and maintaining systems that support recovery and by coordinating high quality services. Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services will be welcoming, innovative and cooperative, and will respect the dignity of those who we serve...and those with whom we serve.

Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services (NMSAS) recognizes addictive disorders as diseases that, if left untreated, have devastating and often fatal impacts on individuals and families afflicted with these disorders.

NMSAS believes that recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a practical and achievable goal. The system of care organized and maintained by Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services through its Provider Network is oriented to the attainment and maintenance of the outcome of recovery for individuals and families experiencing addictive disorders.

NMSAS believes that treatment services offered through its system of care and Provider Network should be provided in the least restrictive setting necessary to achieve the outcomes of recovery and independence.

NMSAS also understands addictive disorders to be chronic diseases and recognizes the potential for relapse. Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services, therefore advocates and supports efforts to proactively address relapse through services to prevent relapse or provide early intervention in the event of relapse.

If you are in need of help, contact the Access Center at 800-686-0749.



2136 W. M-32, Gaylord, MI 49735

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